GL Guitars

When you are a musician, your talent means a lot but without quality equipment, your skills will go unnoticed. You need quality gear that will be reliable when you most need it, and also be able to keep you within your budget. Not many start off as superstars and it takes some good equipment to get there. gl guitars are a great way to get on the right track.

Digitech drop

There are times you might need your tune dropped an octave or even just one semitone, but you don’t want to change guitars or have to retune just for that one change. If that is the case for you and your music, try checking out the digitech drop today. This will work for your needs and buying from a trusted source you know you’ll get good quality with the best price.

Dallas Cowboys 5 and 1

Who would have ever imagined 10 minutes into the first game that the Dallas Cowboys would be 5 and 1. Once again the Cowboys shined on Sunday and took it to Seattle to give them a whooping on their own turf. Tony Romo, Jerry Jones and company all seemed extremely happy and proud about their performance. And they had every right to be.

Sleep aids

Sometimes it seems like its almost impossible to fall asleep. You lay there looking at the shadows or the clock and the more you know you need to sleep, the less you are able to close your eyes.

Sometimes this might be a medical issue, other times stress related. Sometimes maybe too much caffeine too late in the day. But there are sleep aids that can help you fall asleep.

Table Linens

You want your home to look as nice as possible, and there’s a lot of little things we can do to make it feel like a home and give it an extra spark. One of these things is having nice cutlery and table linens that will showcase your beautiful dining room. Buying from trusted sources such as will get you beautiful linens for a great, affordable price.

Germany Wins World Cup

I had a great time Sunday watching the match between Germany and Argentina. It was the usual slow pace of soccer but had quite a few exciting moments throughout. Eventually Germany came up with the game’s only goal, a beautiful cross across center that was textbook spectacular.

I’m already looking forward to World Cup 2018.

Swing sets

There’s a lot of outdoor activities that are fun, and one of the most entertaining for adults and kids alike is a backyard playground, where everyone can relax, play, and swing. I’ve seen some similar swing sets to¬†these swing sets in virginia beach, and I know they are fun because I used to have a very simplistic one when I was a kid. Now that I’m older, the cost of something better is much more manageable.

Germany Pounces Brazil

There wasn’t a soul that wasn’t shocked by the slaughter that Germany placed on Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. Brazil, favored by many to win the infamous tournament, fell apart and allowed a whopping number of records to be broken.

Germany moves on to play in the finals this Sunday and I am ready to see the game.